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Welcome! I'm Caitlyn, or Cait (whichever you prefer). I started my photography journey a long looong time ago, falling in love with film first. My first "pro" camera was a Nikon D40 that my mum gifted to me in high school, and I never looked back. I spent all my free time taking photos of my friends and family which turned into concert photography for some of my favourite bands and now turned into weddings and family. After spending five years studying marketing and PR, I realized that I was 100% not made for an office job and decided to take the risk and start my own photography business!

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  • I love coffee so much I should have an IV drip

  • Watching (or should I say rewatching?) Bobs Burgers, Superstore, New Girl, Star Wars, and Dr Who

  • Books, books, books

  • Deep-fried pickles 

  • Everything Christmas

  • My life truly revolves around my cats

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